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Tax Return Services

We prepare federal and state (all 50 states) income tax returns, for “C” corporations, “S” corporations, partnerships, estates, trusts, LLC's
and individuals.

Most Americans are uninformed when it comes to tax law. We almost always find substantial and lawful deductible expenses that, in many cases, would be overlooked by the taxpayer and other accountants. We will review all of your financial transactions for the year. We will review all of your financial documents: canceled checks, bank statements, brokerage statements, closing statements, invoices, receipts, etc. We leave no stone unturned in maximizing your deductions. We provide sound assertive tax advice and long-term strategic planning tips. We will answer all of your questions and address your concerns. We have the legal knowledge and the accounting expertise that you need.

Many first-time clients ask us to amend prior year returns once they realize that there are deductions that they, or their previous accountant, have overlooked. Ask about a review of your prior year tax returns for amendment potential.

Documents Required For Tax Return Preparation:

  • Copy of last year’s tax returns (federal and state).
  • Income information reported to IRS (W-2’s, 1099’s, etc.)
  • Deductions – 1098 mortgage interest statements, receipts for charitable contributions, records of tax
    payments, etc.
  • For any securities sold during the year, we also need the date purchased, original purchase price,
    date sold, and sales proceeds
  • If you have rental property, we need income and expenses broken down by type of expense and by property.
  • If you are self-employed, we need information about your income and business expenses, mileage
    logs, etc. We need all of your bank statements, canceled checks, and credit card statements. If you do not have
    your canceled checks, please provide us with your check register. If you are missing any of these,
    please contact your bank/creditor for duplicate copies. These documents are where we find most of the deductions we use to save you tax. Without the documents, we can’t search for the deductions.
  • This list is meant to be a guide to help you start organizing your information to prepare your tax
    return. It is not all inclusive. If you know from past experience that you need to provide other documents, please include them.
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Swaim & Associates are the first accountants who ever told me what I could deduct instead of telling me what I could not deduct. They are very proactive in digging for deductions, very aggressive.
Paul L., Columbia, SC