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IRS Problems

We specialize in IRS problem solving, especially enforced collections, seizures, liens, levies, IRS errors, and audits.

Most accountants avoid this type of work, because they are not trained to do it. They become very frustrated and actually do their clients damage in the long run. We have successfully represented taxpayers against the IRS for years.

We know what the IRS can and cannot do and have dedicated our practice to protecting you from their often-abused legal power. The IRS likes to play “judge, jury and executioner.”

The IRS raises issues and comes to assumptions that are presumed to be correct under the present law. This leverage against a taxpayer applies even if the agent uses incorrect or incomplete facts. When this happens the agent is most likely "bluffing." The agent can be sloppy, incompetent, and saddle you with a large and unjustified tax liability. The raw power of the agent's position and presumption of correctness is intimidating to taxpayers. Most importantly, it is intimidating to those representatives of the taxpayers who do not have the skill or the ability to identify and expose this "bluff" for what it is. It is a fact that the IRS makes mistakes. Accordingly, taxpayers significantly overpay their tax liability, penalties and interest. Taxpayers, not the IRS agent, must prove the accuracy of their deductions. The IRS agent will try to make the final decision if you let him. Don’t let him. Have a professional representative deal with the IRS on your behalf.

Things you should know about the IRS:

  • Computer generated notices informing the taxpayer that he owes more tax average about $4,800 per return.
  • According to the U.S. General Accounting Office, computer generated tax bills are wrong 48% of the time.
  • According to the IRS their auditors were wrong 64% of the time.
  • The IRS budget has doubled over the last ten years.
  • The number of IRS enforcement personnel has increased by 20%.
  • The IRS has 5 times as many agents as the FBI and eleven times as many as the CIA.
  • Last year 8.5 million taxpayers received incorrect advice from the IRS.
  • This year 10 million taxpayers will receive notices from the IRS asking for an additional four billion
    dollars in taxes, half of those notices will be incorrect.
  • When challenged, the IRS waives 40% of all penalties.
  • In 1993 the GAO audited the IRS internal finances and the IRS could not account for 64% of the
    money Congress had appropriated to them.
  • When taxpayers go to an audit by themselves they only win 15% of the time. When they hire a
    professional representative they win a complete or partial victory 85% of the time.
  • In 1993 one million Americans were audited, by 1996 the number had jumped to two million audits
    resulting in additional taxes of twenty-eight billion dollars.

IRS Mythology:

  • You cannot deduct anything unless you have a receipt.
  • The auditor's word is law, it is final, and cannot be challenged.
  • You must answer every question and give the IRS anything it asks for.

We will locate and correct all defective IRS determinations, quickly, efficiently and effectively.

Swaim & Associates are the first accountants who ever told me what I could deduct instead of telling me what I could not deduct. They are very proactive in digging for deductions, very aggressive.
Paul L., Columbia, SC