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Collection Problem Assistance

The IRS can seize: any real estate that you may own, as well as your automobile, jewelry, and other assets such as your bank accounts, IRA's or other investments. The IRS can even levy against the cash value of your life insurance policy. You can lose everything that you have now. The IRS can also take any money, real estate or other assets that you acquire from now on, including future inheritances. They can garnish your paycheck or your retirement pension. Many taxpayers lose their job when their employer is served with a garnishment order by the IRS.

It is possible, depending on your individual circumstances, to have the tax debt totally eliminated and "forgiven" by the government or we may be able to negotiate a settlement with the IRS for pennies on the dollar which can be paid off over time. We have a variety of means with which to assist you: Offers In Compromise; Taxpayer Assistance Orders; Amended Returns; and appeals.

In a recent case involving one of our Fulton County clients we were able to get the client's tax bill reduced from $60,000 to $4,200. In another recent case, from Hall County, we appealed and got our client's tax reduced from $150,000 to $7,400.

There is no charge for initial consultations. We will evaluate your case to determine if your circumstances are such that we can reasonably expect to prevail over the IRS in your favor. We only take cases that have a high probability of being resolved in favor of the taxpayer. Our fees are based on the complexity of the returns involved, the type of tax, the amount owed, and the amount of legal research and accounting work needed to bring your case to a satisfactory resolution. Naturally the fees vary from case to case because no two cases are alike. Call us today to find out what we can do to protect you and your money from the IRS.

Nine years ago I hired Swaim & Associates to do the tax returns for 6 corporations and partnerships as well as my personal returns. The amount of money going to the government dropped by more than 29%. I was amazed when they showed me how much could be saved by using deductions we had never thought of…deductions that we missed out on for years because of “conservative” accountants.
C.W. Merritt, III, Greenville, NC